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Unfolding the Breath

A series of special three-hour classes that will focus on the breath.

These classes are not sequential, but are more of an exploration of the breath.

Given the powerful effect of Pranayama, it should be approached gradually with a strong basis in the understanding of the breath. In the eight limbs of yoga as laid out by Patanjali, Pranayama evolves from the practice of asana. One of the important aspects of asana practice is awareness of the breath, watching and following it. This class will attempt to develop that awareness using both asana and mudra so that by viewing and feeling the breath one understands the actual breath. This should help in the transition from the outward practice to the inner practice.

We try to improve breathing patterns by strengthening the muscles that allow easier breathing while loosening muscles that constrict the breath. This will lead to an understanding of how the breath moves in the body, how it changes, how it can be guided, and especially how limited our breathing may be, often using less than our full lung capacity. In fact, we often “work too hard” resulting in breathing less rather than more, while using a great deal of effort.

These classes are an attempt to “unfold the breath” from a mental conception into an understanding of the breath and then evolving from there into Pranayama.

Special Breath Class Schedule

All Breath Classes $40
Friday Feb 17  9am-noon
March 24  9am-noon
May 26  9am-noon
June 23  9am-noon
August 25 9am-noon
September 29 9am-noon
October 27 9am-noon
November 25 9am-noon

Pre-Registration Required:

sign up at the atmabodh yoga studio
878 camino del pueblo
bernalillo, nm 87004

or by calling      505-867-0866
or email            anil(at)atmabodhyoga(dot)com
cost                  $40/class
class size is limited  –  min 6 people  –  max 10 people